Speaking Engagements and Presentations

A wide-range of topics is available, presented at your location or mine, and tailored for your group’s particular needs. Programs are developed for counselors, parent groups, educators, health care providers, and your group, whatever that is. Some topics I have spoken on include:

Play Therapy: It’s not just for kids!

Parents love this! Come on and play in this fun program.

Complementary Therapies: When and how can they help

Informative and researched, for health care providers and therapists.

Yoga and Meditation for Depression and Anxiety

Useful tools introduced to parents, healthcare providers, artists, for all who have stress in their work and daily lives.

Ayurveda: What is it and how can it help?

For any adult group interested in wellness.

Does your Massage Client Need a Therapist?

Managing Emotions in the Treatment Room

Guidelines for identifying an opportunity to help, by referring what may be beyond your expertise: for all complementary therapists.

What is holistic counseling?

Informative and experiential overview of a holistic approach to wellness.

If you don’t see the topic you were looking for, please drop me a note or call me to discuss your group’s specific needs. If I am unable to personally present on your topic, I will do my best to refer you to someone suited to your needs.

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