Yoga is more than something we do; it is a way of being that weaves throughout all of our life.

The practice of yoga can help us become a tapestry of light whose fabric is woven from luminous and vibrant threads. The practice of yoga can inspire and ignite our creative potential, and free us from limitations. The practice of yoga is available to you here in small group classes, private lessons, and integrated as part of a counseling or play therapy session.

Gentle Yoga Classes for Small Groups

Breathe In Joy Gentle Yoga – offers a graceful blend of breath-work, meditation, and a gentle physical practice designed to reduce tension, increase flexibility, and develop our self-awareness.

My gentle class design optimizes your ability without placing undue stress on your body. Classes and private sessions are suitable for:

  • First-Timers
  • Pregnant Moms
  • Age 50 and Better
  • Stress Reduction and Improved Mood
  • Many Health Conditions

Private Yoga Sessions

Individualized private sessions are offered for a variety of reasons. You might choose private yoga sessions if:

  • You are new to yoga and somewhat shy of starting in a group
  • A health condition calls for specialized attention
  • You want to jump-start your learning before joining a group class
  • It is difficult to find classes that fit your schedule
  • You prefer or need in-home yoga practice
  • One-on-One suits your personality
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