Being apart doesn’t have to mean being alone.
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Take a moment to breathe and a space will open for inspiration to enter. Stretching your mind and body through movement, stillness, and creativity, transports us to unimagined possibilities. Are you ready to step fearlessly into the journey of your life?
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Creating the life you always dreamed of may take more than just wishing. Breathing new life into dreams begins with a vision, which is the guiding star lighting the way. What are you dreaming of, and how will you get there?
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Touching the heart and spirit of another is a kindness that reaches beyond self, beyond mind. Connect with your natural flow and enhance every moment with those you love. Who do you want to touch, and what keeps you from sharing your amazing and beautiful self?
Making loving connections from a place of wholeness evokes joy and freedom in all our relations. As we align heart and mind, our bodies will move gracefully in the flow of life. Are you ready to meet your life whole-heartedly?

Sometimes talking just isn’t enough.

Creative Holistic Counseling uses a personalized approach to wellness and empowerment by blending traditional counseling with complementary therapies. My techniques are centered on the whole person to align the mind, body, heart, and soul for your overall healing, so you can manifest the fullness of life.

I invite you to dream, imagine and embrace the wonder of all that’s possible. To open and unfold moment by moment to the experience of attaining your full potential. Realize the full manifestation of wholeness and balance. To spread your wings and gracefully ease through the transitions of life. I invite you to — take flight!

You may find yourself:

  • Searching for a new path or focused direction in your life.
  • Seeking help and guidance to find your way to a place of empowerment and purpose.
  • Desiring to awaken deeper levels of consciousness of your soul’s journey.
  • Longing to experience greater balance in your life.

Through transformational healing and heightened self-awareness, you’ll have the power to take back the reins of your life and unlock the doors to your complete potential. Integrating healing tools such as counseling, hypnotherapy, meditation, yoga, and energy healing, we have countless options available to design the perfect plan for you. It’s your turn to experience the wholeness of life, just as you’ve dreamed.

Special Populations

  • Women in life transitions
  • Creative Artists
  • Healing Practitioners
  • Couples wanting fulfilling & enjoyable relationships
  • Adults with chronic health conditions
  • Adults who have experienced trauma
  • Elders and their families challenged by the aging process


Working with a counselor you can relate to is an essential aspect of your healing process. Take advantage of my complimentary telephone consultation so you can connect with me before your first visit.

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