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Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessments are often conducted to guide treatment and inform educational, medical, and legal professionals as they make decisions about care and quality of life.

For Children and Adolescents

Every child has his or her own unique set of strengths and interests, and our greatest hope for our children is that they’ll succeed and fulfill their dreams. Sometimes our children may struggle in school, with peers, and at home and the common attempts to help or guide them fail to make a positive impact.Comprehensive evaluations are used to identify your child’s unique strengths and areas of challenge that might make it difficult for your child to learn, concentrate or navigate their emotions. They’re also used to reveal atypical developmental problems such as autism spectrum disorder.If you’ve noticed yourself wondering why your child is struggling, it may be time to initiate a comprehensive evaluation.

For Adults

Educational, psychological, and pre-surgical evaluations are helpful for adults, who find they’re struggling at work, in relationships, in college, or with their health.Comprehensive evaluations are used to identify your strengths and challenging areas that might make it difficult for you to learn, concentrate or navigate your emotions. These evaluations can also reveal atypical developmental problems such as autism spectrum disorder.Physicians may refer you for a pre-surgical evaluation before determining your candidacy for a surgical procedure. These evaluations can provide vital information about your readiness for surgery, and offer personalized, strengths-based guidelines to help you attain optimal post surgical recovery. Requests for pre-operative assessments are typical for bariatric, chronic pain, and in-vitro fertilization procedures.


Concern for aging, disabled, or dependent loved ones can increase awareness of the fragility of their personal or financial decision-making process. When a cognitive or psychological evaluation becomes a critical component of your loved one’s future, I take great care to uphold their dignity and consider the personal strengths and life history of the individual, while providing the necessary information to support the legal decision-making process.
Specialty Areas:

  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Capacity and Guardianship
  • Learning & Education
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Developmental Delay
  • Concentration & Attention
  • Disability
  • Pain Relief Surgery

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