Couples Counseling

Couples seek out counseling for many reasons. You may desire greater connectivity to deepen your relationship with your partner. Or perhaps you’d like to advance your communication skills to create transparency in conversations. Maybe you need guidance through a difficult time. Whatever your reason is for seeking support, I’m here to help you through your process.

We’ll begin by discovering the distinct needs of your relationship and work together to develop desired outcomes for your counseling sessions. We’ll uncover the areas of strength your relationship has and use those as our foundation to discuss the issues causing you the most concern. My goal is to provide you with an environment of safety and trust that supports your relationship needs.

You’ll learn communication skills and techniques formulated by Drs. John and Julie Gottman founders of the Gottman Institute. The Gottman’s researched more than 3000 couples over 40 years to isolate communication patterns that either support healthy and happy relationships or damage them. We’ll use these same methods of discovery to reveal healthy or potentially unhealthy communication styles that may be affecting your relationship. Having these answers will show us areas in your relationship in need of immediate attention or further nurturing. These answers will be our guide for your counseling sessions.

Communication comes in many forms. Verbal, creative arts, and movement can become a part of your counseling sessions. A blend of these styles can help connect couples and transform physical tension in the mind and body. These styles of communication can also help you tap into your intuitive wisdom, leading to greater emotional awareness and understanding — so you can support what your relationship needs.

Our work together will be creative and flexible, so that it moves and keeps pace with your relationship goals.

Offering Guidance for Couples

I work with couples at all stages of their relationship, with specialized training and experience related to:

  • Partners with a trauma history
  • Healing beyond an affair
  • Family Planning and conception
  • When divorce is on the table

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